Pershore Volunteer Centre

Can you spare a few moments to fill out one of questionnaires - We are looking for willing people to give us feedback on the services we offer. If you are a volunteer or a volunteer involving organisation and you have a few minutes to spare please follow the below link to tell us your thoughts. Please click on the ABOUT US page to follow the links - thanks for your time.

Serving the Community for over 25 years


Pershore Volunteer Centre moved to new office premises in 2013. Our new location is in the centre of Pershore at 1 Billing House, near the market. Click to see our location.

Kate Walton, Centre Manager, said:
“We are delighted to be in the centre of Pershore and are looking forward to welcoming our current and new clients and volunteers to the premises.”

Pershore Volunteer Centre supports local residents, volunteers and voluntary organisations in the community.

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday, 10am-4pm
Friday, 10am-1pm
At other times you can contact us by phone (answerphone is available out of hours) or by email to

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14 July 2015
Volunteers Survey
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